Firm Foundation!

Wednesday, May 18th - We placed a Bible in the foundation of the new High School building because we are truly founded on and grounded in the Word of God! Maranatha Chapel Pastors signed the Bible with blessings and scripture verses. 

Thursday, May 19th - Students, teachers, and visitors SIGNED THE WALL of the new High School building:  thanking God for His blessings, and writing favorite scripture verses which will be place in the construction of the new building.

Saturday, May 21st - CONCRETE Day! 

Look what peeked over the fence...

Starting to pour footings! Praise the LORD for a firm foundation!


1 Corinthians 3:10-15J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS) 
"I, like an architect who knows his job, by the grace God has given me, lay the foundation; someone else builds upon it. I only say this, let the builder be careful how he builds! The foundation is laid already, and no one can lay another, for it is Jesus Christ himself. But any man who builds on the foundation using as his material gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or stubble, must know that each man’s work will one day be shown for what it is. The day will show it plainly enough, for the day will arise in a blaze of fire, and that fire will prove the nature of each man’s work. If the work that the man has built upon the foundation will stand this test, he will be rewarded. But if a man’s work be destroyed under the test, he loses it all. He personally will be safe, though rather like a man rescued from a fire."

Digging Ditches & Finding a Firm Footing!

“ And he said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Make this valley full of ditches.’”

II Kings 3:16

We’re doing the ground work – and He is doing the miracle-working God work!


-This week they’ll finish digging footings

-FRAMING will start soon!

-Watch for your opportunity to “sign the wall” with your favorite scripture verse soon…


There’s still time to participate in the Capital Campaign – more pledges came in this week! Praise the Lord!  You can fill out your Letter of Intent online, or turn it in to our secure mailbox in the MCS lobby. Remember: has all the details. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Questions?  Feel free to contact:

Francine Good, Development Director

Soncee Partida, Development Coordinator

WINGSPAN - Hot off the Presses!

  • "A Life Transformed" by Jess Hetherington
  • Destination Panama
  • Rocket Science - ISS
  • Eagles Transforming the World - College Acceptances

Construction Update 4-28-16

A peek over the fence at this week's work...

  -underground utilities in progress (rough plumbing, sanitary sewer)
  -utility work & trenches (once rough plumbing is inspected, backfilling and trench compacting proceeds)
  -lumber drop

Sidewalk will be blocked off in the next few days to begin work on connecting bridge from current gym to new building!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


The BUILDING PERMIT is HERE!!  Praise the LORD!!  This is the stamp of approval we've been waiting for!  Thank you for joining us on this journey as we build LIVES, LEADERS, and LEGACY at Maranatha Christian Schools.

A Special Video Message From Superintendent Jess Hetherington

Celebrating Easter at Maranatha Christian Schools!

What a wonderful way to wrap up Spiritual Emphasis Week and kick off Easter Weekend - with a special All School Chapel!  With special music and a special message from Maranatha Chapel's own, Pastor Ray, the Good News came through loud and clear:  He is Alive! 

Brick-by-Brick, Prayer-by-Prayer

It's Spiritual Emphasis Week at Maranatha Christian Schools, and our Elementary Students are taking time to pray for the building project! During this special day of prayer, they're stopping to pray for:
     ~The safety of the construction workers
     ~The building permit
     ~Good weather
     ~That God will be in charge of the new building




Dear MCS Families,

Springtime on our campus makes me think of God’s goodness, and this year we have one more reason to celebrate His divine favor! Now that grading has begun on Phase 1 of our Capital Campaign, we can see – and hear – the progress before our very eyes.

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks and encouragement: THANK YOU to everyone who is coming alongside us and supporting the growth of Maranatha Christian Schools with prayer and financial support – we couldn’t do it without you! 

I also want to encourage you: Harper Construction is doing a stellar job to keep us on track – even with slight rain delays. Rest assured that even on the “quiet site days,” work is progressing behind the scenes. The next noticeable steps will be:  underground utilities (end of March), concrete for footings (end of April), and first floor concrete slab (beginning of May).

Many of you have asked what you can do to help: first and foremost, PRAY! Our next permit issue will be the Building Permit. Also, please continue to pray for the individual construction workers on the project. 

We will provide updates as the project progresses, but please feel free to contact me or the Development Team anytime. For details visit

Jess Hetherington, MCS Superintendent

Francine Good, Director of Marketing | Development

Soncee Partida, Development Coordinator

MCS Teachers & Staff Catch the Vision

Since it wasn't possible for most of the Teachers, Coaches, and Staff to make it out to VISION NIGHTS, the MCS Development Team served a special VISION LUNCH just for them.  "We want to make sure they know how much they are appreciated for everything they do here at MCS," said Development Director Francine Good, "They are the heartbeat of our Campus." 

Representatives from Harper Communities were there showcasing the latest renderings, and the MCS Admin Team answered questions regarding details on plans and programming for the project.  A delicious Chili and Loaded Potato Bar was provided by MCS hot lunch provider, The Catering Group.

"Even before today, Staff Members have been stepping out in faith and supporting the Answering the Call Capital Campaign," added Good, "How exciting to serve alongside folks who believe so strongly in the Mission and future of God's work here at MCS, that they are supporting it through faithful prayer and giving."

Let the Grading Begin!

We got it!! The Grading PERMIT we have been waiting for was APPROVED by the County today!! Praise the Lord! Thank you for joining with us in prayer for God's perfect timing in beginning construction here at MCS! Here we GROW...

Glorious Day for a Groundbreaking!

San Diego City Council declares 11.18.15 "Maranatha Christian Schools Day!” Today we celebrate 25 years of excellence in Christian education and the groundbreaking of our new MCS high school building! Praise the Lord for what He is doing here at Maranatha Christian Schools - Transformed Lives, Transforming the World!

Groundbreaking Scheduled

Our Groundbreaking Ceremony has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 18 | 9-10am.